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Denise Manara 

She is our Head Art Instructor and Owner. She graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New


A mural artist for over 30 years, her work can be seen at our store but also in many homes and businesses in Florida.

She races cars, trains world class athletes, scuba dives, goes skydiving, mountain climbing, runs with bulls, fights with pirates. She has been doing all of these wondrous things for years through the magic of a paint brush! And she believes through art, anyone can do it!.

She brings her expertise, experience and love for the arts to Calliope Street with classes that are fun, relaxed and accessible without any previous training.

She has designed and painted our Calliope Street Logo and some of her original works as well as signed prints are displayed  and available for purchase in our boutique.

Denise's B-day slushy.jpg

Marina Fantinel


Self-defined a "Mutt", originally from Argentina, Marina comes from a home where French, Italian and Spaniard traditions co-existed bringing along the love for art, music, food and of course, wine.  

She holds a degree in Music Therapy from Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, where she was an assistant professor in the Psychology Department until she emigrated to The United States. 

Marina combines her passion for Jazz, the visual arts, and her quirky accent to make classes fun, entertaining and inspiring.

When she is not painting portraits, she plays music, freelance writes in Spanish, spends time with her pets and eats lots of pasta (but really, lots of it!)

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